IUOE Local 112

Local 112 is America’s union leader in training and providing skilled technicians for the critical work of inspecting gas, oil & chemical pipelines.


Our work is called Nondestructive Testing (NDT). That’s just what it sounds like: evaluating the safety and integrity of vital pipeline systems in ways that do not harm the pipeline. We are a unique union local—in fact not really “local” at all. Our 1100 members are at work in virtually all 50 states at any given time.

We’re affiliated with the International Union of Operating Engineers, chartered as Local 112 of the IUOE. Our members are highly skilled professionals. They are carefully screened for their aptitude and work ethic and they receive intense training both on the job and at our state of the art training center in Anderson, Indiana. Local 112 members are in great demand, especially with today’s urgent need to develop domestic energy reserves and build new delivery pipelines.

What Is A Union?

A union is workers joining together to pursue policies and goals beneficial to one and all. Nothing more, nothing less.

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IUOE Job Corps

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Charitable Works

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