IUOE Local 112


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On October 1 of 2006, IUOE General President Vincent Giblin issued a new charter for Local 112 as a construction Local with jurisdiction for Non-destructive Testing performed on pipelines and pipeline related facilities. The Non-destructive Testing (NDT) workers on pipelines were first organized in the mid 1960’s and were initiated into IUOE, Local 2 in St. Louis, Missouri and considered as stationary engineers. In 1977, the NDT workers were issued a sub charter of Local 2 and became IUOE Local 2b and remained as such until 2006 when General President Vincent Giblin and Regional Director Michael Wall felt that the NDT workers should be classified as working in the construction industry and due to the uniqueness of their craft, should be a issued a charter of their own to include nationwide jurisdiction. In 2006 the membership totaled approximately 500 and included 8 signatory contractors. It has since grown to approximately 1100 members and 17 signatory contractors.

With membership that includes almost every state, it was important to locate Local 112 and its training facility in as central a location as possible for training purposes. A location was found in Anderson, Indiana and in January of 2007 the Local established its offices and training facility at this location. In September of 2007, Regional Director Michael Wall presided over the election and installation of officers for Local 112. The past and present workers have a long and proud tradition in the pipeline industry and have worked on every major pipeline construction project during the past 40 years from the Alaskan Pipeline Project to the current Keystone Pipeline Project. Wages for a helper in the mid 1960’s were $300.00 per month for a 6 day work week and included $7.00 a day for living expense. A technician received $450.00 per month and $7.00 for living expense. Browse through the pictures from the past on this site and you might see someone you knew or know.

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